About Owen Zupp

Owen Zupp is a published author, award-winning aviation journalist and experienced commercial pilot. With 20,000 hours of varied flight experience, he has flown a range of aircraft, great and small, from outback Australia to all points across the globe. He holds a Masters Degree in Aviation Management and in 2007 his first book, Down to Earth, was published. Today he has many more titles to his name, including the best-selling, 'Without Precedent'. And while he is passionate about aviation, there is more than one dimension to this award-winning writer.

Owen started his working life as a Paramedic, studying and learning to fly in between his shifts on the streets of Sydney. Aside from growing up very quickly at the tender age of nineteen, his term with the NSW Ambulance Service gave him a life-long sense of perspective and appreciation of life’s gifts.

His early flying career saw him fly a range of aircraft in remote regions from the Australian Kimberley’s and New Guinea’s rugged terrain to the picturesque waters of Micronesia. Gaining an airline position with Ansett Australia, his career stalled in 2001 with the collapse of the airline. Yet this hurdle was to provide a turning point that would see him enter the world of published writing, post-graduate education, public speaking and even epic flights for charity.

Today, he remains a commercial airline pilot, but with a range of other projects to occupy his spare time. Wander around this website, read his blog and get to know Owen a little better.

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