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Australian War Memorial. Wartime Magazine.

Kenneth McGlashan saw key events in the air war, from Dunkirk to the vast D-Day operations, as a participant. His story, sympathetically told by Owen Zupp, is full of the sort of details that official accounts do not contain: the visual, aural and emotional experience of war in the air, woven in with the routines (and disruptions) of squadron life. Zupp also ensures that the larger picture is present, and that personal events can be seen in context. McGlashan went on to a postwar career in the RAF and finally settled in Australia. Down to earth is a valuable and insightful account.

The Smithsonian. Air & Space Magazine.
Kenneth MGlashan entered the Royal Air Force as a cadet in 1939, training in aircraft such as Tiger Moths and the elegant silver biplane variants of the Hawker Hart. Flying a Hawker Hurricane fighter over the Dunkirk evacuation, he got shot down, the victim of a German Messerschmitt Bf 109; this was neither the first nor the last time he brushed against death. McGlashan carries us in the cockpit through night fighter sorties, wartime airline operations, and missions in his obvious favorite: the twin-engine de Havilland Mosquito. It is our good fortune that the flier returns from war, darkness, abysmal weather, and engine failure, and that the writer Owen Zupp listens patiently and captures McGlashan’s voice in a well-written narrative.

Aircrew Book Reviews.
As you'll discover, I can go on a bit about a book I've really enjoyed because, to me, they are such a privilege to read. However, Down To Earth is more than that. Sure, it's great that Owen Zupp has shaped and shared this story with us but, at the end, you come away feeling like you know Kenneth McGlashan and wishing you could shake his hand. That's how much his character comes alive in this book....
The writing is relaxed and so easy to follow. It is casual but evocative, regularly amusing but equally poignant.

FlyPast Magazine UK.
“There are some autobiographies that stand head and shoulders above the others and this is one of them! Sqn Ldr McGlashan died on July 31, 2005 and Australian Owen Zupp (he wrote the much-praised We Lead, Others Follow in the September issue) was determined that Ken’s writings should get a wider audience – and bless him for doing so...
... Beautifully written, the work is inter-woven with wonderful comments from his wife Doreen, who followed him, move-by-move, through his varied career.

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